Cooking Notes

These are the notes I use when cooking - they are here as much for me as for anyone else who is in need of them. If you have any suggestions of things to add, or corrections please let me know!

Ingredient names

All purpose flour = plain flour

Granulated sugar = white sugar (what you put in your coffee or tea)
Superfine sugar = caster sugar
Powdered/confectioner's sugar = icing sugar

Baking soda = bicarbonate of soda (not to be confused with baking POWDER)
Cornstarch = corn flour

I have to convert a lot of my recipes from American measurements to grams since Australian measurements are different. What I've found is that websites tend to differ in their conversions - the main difference being whether they actually weighed the ingredients or just changed the ml to g (beware the site that says 1 cup of sugar = 225 g!) Here is an evolving list of conversions I use (for less than a cup, divide as needed).


1 cup = 250ml
1 Tbs = 20ml
1 tsp = 5ml

1 dry cup = 225ml
1 fluid cup = 240ml
1 Tbs = 15ml
1 tsp = 5ml
1 cup butter = 227g
1 stick butter = 1/2 cup butter = 113g
1 cup shortening = 204g
Dry goods:
1 cup flour = 128g
1 cup icing sugar = 128g
1 cup caster sugar = ?
1 cup white sugar = 201g
1 cup packed brown sugar = 220g

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